An Alternative to a Daily Schedule

We spend a lot of time talking about a daily schedule.  Our ToDo list is rounded out by a number of things that we think are important.

Sometimes they are and often they are not.

Here's an alternative to consider: look at the week as a block of time rather than one day at a time.  The week provides a helicopter view and more importantly, affords you the chance to tend to your natural ebb and flow.

I don't know about you but I find day-to-day approaches to productivity to be somewhat tedious.  Getting up at the same time, trying to beat traffic, having "office hours".  All of this can grind on the system and lead to what my wife and I know as the "Sunday dreads".  Those are the feelings you get on Sunday as the demands of Monday approach.  Even if you work in a faith-based environment, work is work and can be less than inspiring.

Instead, go for a week's view.  You'll be more compassionate with yourself, be able to build in breaks and vary your pace.