I speak on topics related to prayer and productivity.  As a leader, I routinely have the opportunity to speak to both small and large audiences and I know how difficult it is to finding the right kind of speaker for my own staff. 

When you can match a great speaker with the needs of your group, good things can happen.  By reading through this page, you'll gain a better sense of who I am and how I might be able to help you.

I am currently providing talks and workshops around the following focus areas:

"Leading in the Digital Age: How Technology can Help You Sink or Swim" / Not every leader uses technology to its fullest potential.  From the ins and outs of Twitter to building a personal blog, this workshop provides practical tips on building a platform that uses technology for the sake of leadership.

“Spirituality of Work: How Your Career Just Might Save the World” / If it's true that God is present in and through our work then why do so many people dread Mondays?  From the Church's teaching on the value of work to the causes of workplace stress, this workshop aims to help people be transformed through work and then build a workplace of meaning.

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“Leadership from the Inside-Out: A Soulful Approach to Organizational Change” / Mother Theresa once said that "God doesn't call the equipped but instead equips those who have been called."  Rather than pointing at others, this workshop seeks to increase personal reflection on the importance of spiritual leadership.  Your workplace (and you!) will never be the same.

“Getting It Done: Personal Productivity in the Digital Age” / This workshop introduces leaders to the skill-set of time management, calendaring, to-do lists, GTD and much more.  Rather than focusing on mission statements and vision, this workshop tackles work from the ground up.  We address email, meetings, and information overload in ways that are understandable, from the novice to the expert.


Here is what you can expect from me:

  1. Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.  I want to build rapport with you in order to better serve you.
  2. A personal phone call with me prior to the event in order to better understand your organization and its needs.
  3. Arrival prior to the event so that we have enough time to set up, prepare the space and then deliver the message.
  4. An energetic, positive message.  Audiences respond well when presenters bring a high level of energy.
  5. Appropriate use of technology.  Whether a Powerpoint or video clip, I like to incorporate technology into my presentations.
  6. A quick follow-up communication after the event, to make sure that I met your expectations.


“Mike St. Pierre is a talented speaker who connects well with his audience and also empowers his listeners to strengthen their spiritual life and youth ministry program. Mike blends theology with productivity and spirituality with common sense delivering a much needed message of how to succeed in both faith and ministry. I highly recommend him to any one or any group looking to become a more committed or more professional Catholic minister(s) in today’s world.”

Br. Sean Hogan

“As someone who is immersed in different ministries I have found Mike’s work to be both encouraging and challenging. He helps me to look at the big picture and to integrate the many aspects of my faith, which often gets side tracked, within my work.”

Allan Wright, Author, Silent Witnesses in the Gospels & Jesus in the House

“I have known Mike for about six years now and what I know for sure is that Mike is committed to his faith and his family.  He is a great example of allowing his faith in God to guide him in finding his vocation and his passion!”

Rob Commadari, Realtor, Remax Elite

“Michael St. Pierre provides a unique way of reminding the audience that our work is both sacred and stressful. That is to say, our work is the gift God gives to us; and amidst our toil we experience many challenges that plague nearly all of us. Mike’s entertaining and personal perspectives helped me take one step back to see the big picture. I recommend his presentation to everyone from staff members to superintendents!”

Jeffrey Quinn, Workshop Participant

“I recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop, ‘Living Your School’s Mission,’ given by Mike St. Pierre. What an uplifting experience! His love of God, his family, his teaching, and his desire to help others is evident within minutes of meeting him.”

Anna Shanahan, Vice Principal, Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD

“The Church needs lay leaders like Mike St. Pierre. His expertise and enthusiasm for the Gospel bring all of us to a higher level.”

Fr. Kevin Kennedy, Archdiocese of Washington, DC


Thank you again for considering me for your event.  As a next step, email me to check availability: CLICK HERE.