The Hardest Thing to Stop

Most of us don't have destructive behaviors.  We have more sneaky habits that we simply don't know how to break.  Carol Kinsey Goman from Forbes has a nice post on what may be the most sinister of all American skillsets.


As we are reminded again and again, multitasking simply doesn't work.  The human brain just can't focus on two things at once.  I'm wondering about the moments in the next week where you (me too!) could avoid doing two things at the  same time.  I'm guilty of driving and listening to podcasts at the same time. No harm, no foul there.  Still, I'm going to try and do one or the other.  I imagine seeing some homes on the side of the road that I never saw before.  Or, I might be more aware of another driver whose facial expression is sad or lonesome.

During these moments, when you can slow down and focus only on one thing at a time, Sabbath can increase.

Where Sabbath expands, God finds room to whisper to the farther corners of our lives.