Focus Your Attention Through Desktop Apps

It's all about The Cloud right?  We email, save files and stream music- all from The Cloud.  I like capitalizing the T in The- makes it sound more mysterious.

But hold on a minute.

There is a huge increase in desktop clients that bolster productivity.  NotifyMe2 and Wunderlist are two examples of apps that can run apart from The Cloud.  I know, I know, they still require The Cloud for sync purposes but when you use them, they are on their own.  You can just do your work and tune out whatever distracts you.

The whole deal is to focus attention and strip out anything that gets in the way of important work.  No icons on your task bar.  No browser to seduce you into another Sports Illustrated story about the NFL lockout.

So while The Cloud gains in prestige, power and usefulness, work is still about focus, attention and managing priorities.