Do You Feel Guilty Taking Work Home?

If your job is anything like mine, there is always more work to be done in any given day.  I often crank through my daily To Do list but often have things left over that I would have liked to have gotten to but just didn’t.  


These are often things tangentially related to work, like working on my blog, applying to grad school, or planning out new projects.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get it all done.  As a result, I feel guilty at least some of the time because my focus is divided between my family and my work.  

Can you relate?

I’ll be posting the next podcast on this topic but wanted to get the conversation started here.  My questions for you:


1. Do you work at home even after you’ve left your official job at work?

2. Do you feel guilty when you do this?

3. What effects does this have on your relationship with your spouse or your kids?


You can post your comments below or join the conversation on Twitter.  

Photo courtesy of AMDG 


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