Productivity...on Vacation?

J0428558 If we define productivity as making timely progress in a particular area of life, then it's possible to be productive while on vacation.  No, I'm not talking about using your Blackberry while waiting to get on that killer ride at the amusement park.  Rather, I'm thinking of ways to enjoy your vacation in a smart fashion.  Here are some easy, mostly free ways to keep things moving along nicely:

Look for freebies: free breakfasts, parks nearby, parades, etc.

Look for outdoor spaces: kids love to run around so find a nearby park and throw the Frisbee for a while.

Look for good food: it's easy to feast on junk food (and fast food) for a week or more so make it a point to eat well, even if it costs a bit more.

Look for a flexible schedule: remember- you're on vacation so give yourself permission to sleep in, take it easy and go with the flow.

Look for creature comforts: while I don't use my laptop to do "work" while on vacation, I have a theory that creature comforts (like hi-speed internet access) ground us and give us a sense of normalcy while on vacation.

Got to run- I'm on vacation after all.

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