The Ultimate Lesson in One-Thing-At-a-Time

After a week off from blogging in order to move from Baltimore to New Jersey, it's back to work and many lessons learned.  My biggest learning: do one thing at a time.  For me, this has become Gospel and I'm trying to teach my three children the concept as well. 

At any given moment, we've had challenges in putting this into practice, such as:

  • More boxes than we'd like to admit, seeking our attention

  • Less walking space than we'd like to see, frustrating us in each hallway

  • More home improvement projects than are possible to accomplish in a month, overwhelming us and forcing us to prioritize our goals

  • Less time than we would like to have to get life back to a place of "normal"

With all of this, it's pretty darn exciting to take a concept like One-Thing-At-A-Time and put it into practice.  It makes all of the writing, blogging and public speaking a living, breathing message that is real and at the end of the day, it works.

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