Slowdown Friday: 3 Tips for Ending the Week With Style

If you're limping to the finish line or had an all-star week, the weekend is here and that's a good thing.  What can you do today to end your week with style?  Quite a few things but here are three simple ones for your consideration:

  1. Nail your weekly review.  Rather than scream through the day and then haul butt at 5pm, take 30 minutes to process your week.   Close the door or if you are in a cubicle, don some headphones for maximum focus.  Go through your to-do's from the past week and look ahead to next week's schedule. 

  2. Clean off your workspace.  Nothing says success like a clean workspace.  Use some time today for cleaning, tossing out and neatening up.  At the very least, Monday will thank you for the work you are doing today.

  3. Plan for one Sabbath activity this weekend.  Look through your local paper today and see what local activities are going on this weekend.  Plan one restful activity with your family or loved ones.