Podcast 7: Guest Interview with Tony Morgan

We're now in Season Two!  That's what the cool kids say when you change your intro music... so there's that!

What if your career is spinning along but you lack the strategy to take it to the next level?  Or, what if your company just feels stale and you want out?  

In this cast I interview strategic planner and Chief Strategy Officer of The Unstuck Group, Tony Morgan.  Tony and I discuss why churches typically don't attract "top shelf" talent and what they can do about it.  

Tony has a wealth of experience and has served on numerous leadership teams at churches like Newspring and Granger.  Now with The Unstuck Group, Tony and his team help churches and other non-profits bring clarity to why they do what they do.  Did I mention that he's a super nice guy?  

You'll want to listen all the way to the end as Tony offered some surprising advice for young leaders.  Hint: money matters.

You can read Tony's blog at TonyMorganLive.

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