Techspiration Episode 15: What We've Learned From Podcasting

Podcasting is a lot of fun.  Ask anyone with their own show and they'll tell you the same thing- connecting, producing and shipping a podcast is a lot of work and very rewarding.

In this cast, Nancy and I reflect on the past 14 episodes, having interviewed the likes of David Allen, Mike Sliwinski, Mike Vardy, Fraser Speirs and others who inspired us.  We are more resolute than ever to connect the dots between technology and education.

What a time in which we live... a time in which schools get to choose the manner of delivery of their curriculum.  A time in which educators have all of the information they need at the click of a button.  A time in which real concerns exist about the seductive power of technology.  These are the things that keep us charged up, motivated to keep learning and inspired to bring you the best guests in the world.  We're having fun and we hope that you continue to like the show.

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