A Lesson from Apple Computers: The Power of Anticipation

This week's World Wide Developer's Conference is an Apple enthusiast's dream.  As a recent convert, I've been swept into the fold and am curious about what Apple will announce this week.   Rumors of a Nano-sized Mac computer, a 3-G iPhone or even an update to Mac OS are swirling about.  Lots of eyes will be on Apple this week.  As a company, they obviously have figured out how to get folks excited about "the next thing".

Which makes me wonder- how do you build anticipation among those you work with?  Here are some simple and effective ways to cultivate professional curiosity in your area of work:

  1. Promise results...and deliver.  Stick to a plan and deliver the goods.  A deadline.  A report.  A presentation, whatever.

  2. Be a person of your word.  If you lay out a gameplan, stay with it even when times get tough. 

  3. Be a person who is passionate about follow up.  Write notes.  Make calls.  Pay attention to details.

  4. Cross your t's. Little things matter a great deal.  During your weekly review, double check the details.

  5. Organize weekly.  Don't just show up on Monday, bring your A-game as a result of planning for the week.

  6. Conceive powerful ideas.  Go public with your notions of change.

  7. Listen to those who've been there before.  There are folks in your workplace and in your industry who know things- tap into their insights.

At Work, GTDMike StPierre