GTD Double Shot

Ask a GTD aficionado how he learned how to Get Things Done and you're likely to get a variety of answers.  The fact is that each of us learns differently, although there is research to indicate that adults:

  • self pace their learning

  • must be self-motivated to learn

  • enjoy freedom of choice when it comes to what we learn

I first read David Allen's Getting Things Done in 2002.  On my way home from work each day, I would stop in a shopping center parking lot and knock off a chapter or two.  It worked for me.  Neat book, I thought at the time.

Since then, I've listened to the podcasts, read the interviews and drank the cool aid.  I enjoy GTD and find that I know a lot about it and also know little about it.  A process of learning.

I've recently added to my depth of GTD prowess by listening to the audio which features David Allen himself.  Hearing his voice and revisiting some themes that I had forgotten has grounded me and reminded me of key points that I might have overlooked.

Resources for the Road
NPR broadcast, "Tech Junkies Crazy About Getting Things Done"