The Ultimate in Hipster PDA's

I've posted many times about my journey with PDA's, cell phones and smartphones.  I currently use a Palm Centro but I'm sure that will change in time. I of course pine for an iPhone but will wait until I'm free of Verizon's early termination fees.  Sorry Big Red, the iPhone is that good.

The hipster PDA made its entry into the productivity world a few years back and to my surprise, was quite a hit.  Simply put, it's a crude version of organization but its simplicity is what tapped a nerve and made it popular.  Some index cards, a pen and some paperclips- it's almost beyond Staples-easy.

Some great reads on the hipster include Merlin Mann's intro of the "device", DIY Planner's version of the PDA, and of course LifeHacker got into the mix.

These are cool reads but in case you missed it, GTD Times had this mondo piece about an extreme Hipster PDA.  You will not want to miss this, if nothing else than for the terrific photos of the unit.  It's GTD meet Hipster. Enjoy!