The Week In Review: Online Calendar Programs and Then Some

I've been experimenting with three online calendars this week: Airset, Google Calendar and 30Boxes.  My thumbnail perspective so far of each:

Airset: great syncronization with your desktop and Palm setup.  I like the one-stop-shopping  theory behind Airset.  A little slow.  Printouts could be better.

GCalendar: a Google product so confidence from the start.  Inputting items is lightning fast.  Syncs with Remember the Milk which is nice.  Month view could use improvement.

30Boxes: super simple and blazingly quick.  Nothing more than you need for a calendar item.  Has two different view features which is nice. 

Which one am I leaning towards? Right now it's a battle between GCalendar and Airset.  I'll keep you posted.  Speed, aesthetics and syncronization with my Palm Treo are of primary importance.  I also wanted to go online after reading this.

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