Whatever Happened to Simple?

A few months back I had volunteered to participate in a Breakfast with Santa event for December.  Thinking that I would show up on the given day and hand out pancakes, I quickly learned that this "pop - in" form of volunteerism was not what the organizers had in mind.

Several meetings later and I am still planning to volunteer but I've realized that a simple meal with a man dressed up as Santa is apparently not 'enough' for the event organizers.  Instead, the Big Man will be handing out small books, delivering candycanes and then processing the kids towards a craft room.  So much for simple.

Sometimes you have to know when to quit.  This may mean leaving an expectation behind or dropping something that was at one time a good idea.  I'll be there for event but it's certainly not what I would arrange for a few kids who just want to sit on Santa's lap and have a chat.

SimplicityMike StPierre