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Why Is It So Hard to Work ... at Work?

Working at work is hard.  

The distractions, interruptions, poor lighting, climate control, and constant meeting schedule make it hard to work when you're at work.

I'm mindful of Jason Fried's Ted Talk from 2010 which first caught my eye.  In the years since it went viral, it became a reality for me.  Here's the video in case you haven't seen it in a while:

There are likely two options for people with whom Jason's talk strikes a chord:

a) Fix what you can of your current working environment.
b) Find another situation that allows you to work remotely, even if it's only for a portion of your week.

Which can you choose?  Which will you have the courage to choose?

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6 Steps Towards a Simpler, Smarter Digital Life

He wants to be fully present to his kids... but Instagram calls out his name.  She wants to be giving her full attention to the drive in front of her... but the chime on her phone signals another tempting text message.  

Sound familiar?  

Millions of folks sign up for social media sites like Twitter every day.  Millions of others wish they hadn't.  Somewhere in the middle are those (like me and you, you know the good looking ones!) who want to live a simpler, saner digital life.  

This week's video is all about how you can take back control of your life online.  It outlines a formula that you can start using TODAY to restore simplicity to daily life.  

See what you think and let me know of future video topics that you'd like me to cover.

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One Way to Combat Too Much Screen Time

Here's the latest video (no film crew used here as you can tell!) in our series about screen time.  As a parent, I worry about how much time my kids spend in front of iPhones and the computer.  When I would come home years ago, I was the hero I would be greeted by four running kids who wanted to see how my day went.

Today it's different. 

The kids are happy as ever and perfectly "normal" but they're more interested in the latest YouTube video or video game.  

Here's one easy way to combat too much screen time... see what you think and let me know what's working for you and your digital life.