What Takes Your Breath Away?

Holy Week Series: Part V

In today’s Gospel from John 18, the final moments of Jesus’ life are detailed. In the Roman Catholic liturgy, there is one line, inserted into the text that is striking: Here all kneel and pause for a short time. 

This kneeling takes place after Jesus has died on the cross. The entire congregation takes a moment to take a breath and reflect on the immensity of the moment. 

It’s as if the Church is saying, “This is it. This moment matters more than any other!”

A moment like this is not only reflective but instructive. We do well when we acknowledge- and at times are blown away by- God’s goodness in our midst. These are the moments that take our breath away.  

This is awestruck wonder. What’s more: this gift is available to you and me all of the time. Today, in your comings and goings, pray for the grace to let God take your breath away.

Holy WeekMike StPierre