A Long Look in the Eye

Holy Week Series: Part III

We have a phrase in our house: shifty eyes. This usually comes up when one of our kids mentions someone who has gotten into trouble at school. “He’s got the shifty eyes,” I’ll typically say. Someone with shifty eyes is hiding something and doesn’t want to give you the opportunity to look them in the eye. As their eyes keep darting around, they keep you at arm’s length. It’s safer for them.

The eyes don’t lie. 

In today’s Gospel reading from Matthew 26, Judas betrays Jesus at the Last Supper. If there was ever someone with shifty eyes, it was Judas. Jesus, in docility to the Father, accepts the betrayal. Imagine how much this must have hurt. Imagine the long look in the eyes that took place at the Last Supper. If I was there, I probably would have reached for the wine.

Was it a glance or an awkward “eye lock” of 10-20 seconds? Whatever the case, we can learn from this. To whatever degree you are able, give Jesus your eyes. Instead of betrayal, let your glance be one of love. Give Jesus your silence today. Even if you can only close your eyes for two minutes, give him that. 

Holy WeekMike StPierre