True Discipleship Involves Others

Holy Week Series: Part II

In today’s Gospel reading from John 13, we are reminded of Jesus’ interactions with Judas. Reclining at table, within the context of a meal, Jesus instructs Judas (thought to be Jesus’ friend) to be quick. Jesus knew what was about to happen. In a painful, almost intimate moment, he looks Judas in the eye and sends him on his way.

Jesus knew that discipleship is a messy process. Some get it. Others do not. He realized that his role was to invite all, even if it meant suffering the pain of betrayal. 

We have a similar invitation- invite those you know to follow Jesus. Your neighbors, coworkers, those on the internet, etc. Some won’t get it. Some will be offended. 

Nonetheless, the call is still ours to follow Christ and involve others in the process. 

Holy WeekMike StPierre