The Value of a Thinking Walk


Exercise is sort of like travel on the airplane for business purposes- not always fun but effective for clearing out the cobwebs in your head.  Getting moving is good for your body and great for your mind.


Tony Robbins says, “If you want to change your emotion, get in motion.”


A new idea that I learned recently is called the “thinking walk”.  A thinking walk is basically a slightly slower walk than a workout.  You’re not moving at a snail’s pace but you’re also not training for a marathon.


You’re thinking first and walking second.  Most of us do the opposite which is why the thinking walk is so effective. 


A thinking walk is useful if you have a big idea that you want to ponder.  You’re giving yourself permission to think while you walk.  I know it sounds kind of weird but once you try it, I suspect that you’ll be a believer like me.


The walk can take place at the beginning or even the end of the day.  If you really want to take it to another level, you can build a walk into your day, as if it were a scheduled meeting.  The advantage to this is that it will force you to think deeply while you walk.  After all, you’re on “company time” if you do it this way.  When you return, you might even want to jot down a few thoughts you had during the walk.  


When can you schedule your next thinking walk?  Which problems will you ponder when you are walking?