What Collaboration Looks Like Within a Digital Task Manager


People toss around the word like it's a nerf ball.


Some (think, Susan Cain) feel that it's been overused and that schools have hurt students in an effort for kids to work together.  As an introvert, I tend to shy away from using the exact word collaboration and instead, favor "working together".  Same thing?  Maybe but it doesn't conjure up bad memories of having to work in a group in middle school.

How about task managers and collaboration?

I've been using Nozbe, a digital task manager, for several years but only recently did I find that it can help a team collaborate.  Todoist and TodoCloud do this as well so Nozbe isn't alone. It's just the app that works best for me.

Getting Started with Nozbe

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Here's the process that my assistant and I use and it works so well, I thought I would share a sample from a project called "Podcast":

  1. I created a project called Podcast.
  2. I shared it with Karen.  At that point, the project became a shared initiative.
  3. Inside the project, I provided the script that I wanted Karen to use when she invited people to be a guest on the podcast.
  4. Karen then invited guests via email with the script that I had provided.  As guests indicated their "yes" or "no" to being on the podcast, she would then enter into Nozbe a separate comment with the guest's name and email. 
  5. From there, I would then follow up with each guest, scheduling them.  I would add a subsequent comment for Karen to see such as , "Just spoke with Barry; scheduled for October." 

The end product was a truly collaborative process, resulting in a new podcast that has now recorded five episodes.  We simply could not have done this without having a digital task manager like Nozbe.   Want to check out the podcast?  You can listen to it here.