How to Use Style to Your Advantage

Style- you know it when you see it.  You'll recognize it in how someone dresses or in the feel of a person's living room.  You may see it in the way a person carries himself or in the way a person speaks.  

The key is to use it to your own advantage.  Easier said than done but it matters nonetheless.

I was interviewing some candidates a while back and was struck by how few had style.  Of the 10 people we interviewed, only two really stood out.  Both had their own websites and both were sharp dressers.

Note that I'm not saying "correct style" because that's probably an oxymoron.  Style relates to art so it's very subjective.  Think of your favorite restaurant and the decor- you may love it while your best friend may think it's too busy or uninviting.  

Style is like that- it's very subjective.

Still, you should identify your own style and then make it work for you.  Here are three simple ways that you can use style to your own advantage at work:

  1. Create your own logo.  I've used for years for various logos and decided on this (to the right) for my new logo.  The official approval came from my wife who said, "very nice!" after it was complete.  It's clean and professional looking.  If she's happy, I'm happy!
  2. Invest in your wardrobe.  We're not talking about punking down $500-$1,000 on new duds.  Rather, consider simplifying and adding a signature look to what you wear.  I worked with a  guy recently who wore Chuck Taylor sneakers everywhere.  Maybe not my style but I remember him for his.  I've recently purchased a ton of skinny ties, hoping that this contributes to a simple, clean look.  
  3. Make your social outlets consistently "you".  By using your personal logo, you can add style to not only your resume but to your Facebook header, Twitter header and Instagram posts.  This will add some consistency and style to who you are and what you have to say online.  You may also want to add your own signature hashtag.  

Style matters and it will help you to stand out from the crowd.  How will you step up your style in the coming weeks?