Three Negative Side Effects to Job Searching

US News predicted that 2016 would be the year of "job hopping" since so many Americans indicated they were at least looking for a new job.

Having just come off of a year of discernment and prayer, I can personally say that job seeking is a wonderful way to stretch your horizons and be challenged.  Many times, it can also result in a new opportunity and a bigger stage for your career.  

But... and here's the catch, job seeking can also have some negative results, including the following:

  1. It can fatigue you.  Job hunting is tiring, really tiring.  You can feel it literally in your bones and this is something to watch out for.  Keeping a good diet, plenty of rest and exercise is important whenever you are job seeking.
  2. It can distract you.  Looking for something new is like seeing a shiny object- it catches your eye and you're likely to ignore other things.  This can be a problem.  It's important to fulfill your job duties, no matter how mundane they may seem all the way until you finish your work and then transition into a new role.
  3. It can tempt you to settle just to make the process come to an end.  Sort of like dating- job seeking can make you so fed up with "the process" that you just settle for the first thing that makes you feel good about yourself.  Don't settle!  Hang in there!  

What have you found to be a negative side effect when it comes to the job search?