The Smartest Way to Greet the New Year

The top business books of the past year.
The top ways to keep a New Year's resolution.
The top habits for losing weight in the New Year.

I'm overwhelmed already!

With all of these "top things", what's a regular person to do?  If you are a "3" on the Enneagram (more of that here) then setting goals is like a best friend to you.  On the other hand, if you are more relational, more free-spirited or just plain hate goal setting, all of these "top things" can be ignored quickly.

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Perhaps a more measured, and I propose more fruitful approach to ending one year and then beginning the next is to take a half day to yourself.  

Get somewhere quiet and it should be a place you enjoy.  This can be as simple as your favorite coffee shop or an out-of-the-way nature spot.  Bring something to write with and maybe your laptop.  

Look back over the past year and ask:

1. What was awesome this past year?
2. Any regrets?
3. Which relationships are healthy right now?
4. How did I grow spiritually?

Next, look forward to the next year and ask:

1. Business: what needs attention?
2. Physical: how can I be even more healthy?
3. Spiritual: what can I read daily to keep me growing closer to God?
4. Emotional/social: which relationship needs some love?

The results of this half-day-away experiment may surprise you.  Who knows- maybe your findings will even coincide with some of the "top things" that are trending on the internet as we speak!