5 Reasons Why People Don't Get Back to You

When was the last time someone didn't get back to you?  

This may have been a text that didn't get returned or an email that was left unread. The result is the same on your end: frustration.

I can relate.  I lead a monthly group discussion about faith with some of my best friends.  I text.  I email.  Even still- the response is not always good. Sometimes all I hear is crickets.

How do you feel when someone doesn't get back to you?  




Or, maybe you take it personally.  That's totally understandable.  

There are probably five reasons why people don't get back to you:

1. They are totally overwhelmed with information overload.  Things come in and they don't know what to do with it.

2. Their email habits are inconsistent and as a result, they only check their inbox every so often.

3. You have the wrong email or phone number.  In other words, your messages just aren't going through!

4. You're coming across in a way that's "put-offish".  (that's officially a new word!)

5. They're ignoring you.  The message is fine but they're not interested.

I suppose the real question is this: which of the five reasons mentioned can you act upon the next time you try to contact someone?