10 Podcasts I Listen to Each Week

Listening is like reading but with the ears.  There are so many ways to "consume" books, articles and podcasts.  For me, my daily commute is a great opportunity to learn and catch up on my "reading" list which consists of mostly podcasts.

While the following podcasts aren't updated weekly, I check on them and feel like they are my mobile professors.  Just search in your podcast catcher of choice:

  1. The Accidental Creative.
  2. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast.
  3. The Art of Charm.
  4. Beyond the ToDo List.
  5. The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast.
  6. HBR IdeaCast.
  7. How I Built my Practice with Gene Monterastelli.
  8. MacBreak Weekly.
  9. NPR Politics Podcast.
  10. Rainer on Leadership.