How Do You Bring Energy to the Workplace?

Pastor Bill Hybels once said, “The most important thing a leader brings is his energy.”  This may be physical energy, a general attitude or the things you say at work.

If you were to give youself an energy grade for when you are at work, what would you give yourself?

A = upbeat, swift pace, positive in what you say

B = typically upbeat but not always so

C = a bit of a downer on most days

So how do you go from a C to an A?  I’m not sure, if I’m honest, that that’s possible.  But from a B to an A… that’s doable.

You can do this through any of the following:
1. Walk swiftly throughout your day, with purpose and meaning.
2. Know what you say and be clear about that, i.e. “say what you mean and mean what you say”.
3. Smile.
4. Look people in the eyes more often.  Savor the connection you have with them.
5. Keep your to-do list tidy.
6. Keep yourself in great physical shape.

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These six tips work!  I should mention that there is one downside and this is a word of caution- sometimes you move so quickly from task to task that you stop to smell the roses.  What I mean is that if you're moving through your day with some speed, you can a) not be fully present to those around you or b) be perceived as aloof.  Neither of these is good so you'll want to guard against them.  Speed in the day is a good thing but not at the expense of other people.  After all, God put them in your workday for you to serve and learn from.

One last point- to advance in your career you’ll want to harness and increase your energy levels.  People like energetic folks and you can be one with some intentionality and work.