Emergent Leader Podcast Episode 11: Interview with Laura Stack

When was the last time that you felt truly productive?  For Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro, every day is an opportunity to get better...

  • Better at time management
  • Better at meeting management
  • Better at achieving goals that truly matter

The fact is that many rising leaders are so focused on "the next thing" that they fail to master the basics of time management and genuine productivity.

Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro

Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro

In this episode, I talk with productivity expert and best-selling author Laura Stack, a.k.a. The Productivity Pro.  We chat about her new book, how productivity has changed in the past 12 years and what emerging leaders can do about it.  Laura's model of "3T Leadership" is both catchy and really helpful.  I think that you'll love our conversation- Laura is the best!

Enjoy the cast!