Your Career Deserves More Listening

There's a real debate about careerism today: to hustle or not to hustle. One one side of the ring is best-selling author Jon Acuff.  His new book, Do Over, makes a case that hustling is a core element to anyone's life having meaning. 

Acuff, in being interviewed on Expert Interview said this, "I think that one of the phrases I often talk about is that hustle is fuel, it’s the fuel that makes you actually do the things you want to do."  Others describe hustle as the drive to be more and climb the ladder of success.  

Standing on the other side of the ring is Jeff Goins who interviewed Amy Porterfield on his show, The Porfolio Life.  Neither is a fan of hustling to find your life's work but rather, a soft combination of listening and hard work.  

Listening... most of us aren't too good at that and when it comes to something as valuable as our careers, we rarely know how to marry the two.

Consider listening as a career advantage that equips you to do any of the following:

  • Identify when you are hungry for a change
  • Surface the reasons why you love what you do
  • Discern the length of time you will stay where you are
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Reflect on your day

In short, listening is important, very important.  It's a spiritual act that can serve as the percussion underneath your daily work.  

I know this from experience.  As a person of faith, listening takes centerstage whenever I feel stale or when I'm not giving my very best to my organization.  I ask myself things like, "How much fuel is left in the tank," or "Do I love what I do?"

Your career deserves the gift of listening.  Listen to those you serve and to the stirrings in your heart.