Introducing the Emergent Leader Podcast!

Today I'm pleased to take the wraps off my new and completely down-to-earth podcast, The Emergent Leader.

This is designed for anyone who can relate to the following questions:

  • Have you gone for an interview and then waited for the call back... only it never came?
  • Have you peaked at your current job and are secretly looking for new opportunities?
  • Have you felt ignored at work and wished for greater influence?
  • Are you frustrated with the "status quo" and want to make a difference?

If you can relate to these (and plenty more!) kinds of questions, The Emergent Leader Podcast is for you.  Seriously, this podcast was built with you in mind.  It's not for academics.  It's not for already-CEOS.  It's for you and me, wanting to make a bigger difference in the world through our work.

Why Did I Create This Podcast?

The Emergent Leader was born out of a desire of mine to

a) connect people to one another 

b) help them get ahead in their careers

So many people have helped me in my career and now it's time to curate my advice to those that I can help- maybe that's you or someone else that you are trying to help.  I have people approach me all of the time, asking for career advice.  Others will email me their resume, looking for an edge or bit of guidance.  This podcast can help them and I believe it will help you.

What's Waiting for You

I've prepared four casts for you to enjoy while you are working out, hanging out or on your way into work.  The first three are "just me" and the fourth is a special guest interview with an expert in career advancement.  Stay tuned as I have several amazing and influential guests lined up for August and September.

So what are you waiting for?  What if this podcast could really help you to achieve wild success at work?  What if you could wake up with a smile on your face, knowing that you are ready to rock and roll?  

How You Can Help...

  1. Subscribe to the cast via iTunes.  If you like it, give it a review.

  2. Download the Emergent Leader Quick-Read.  It gives you the outline of the show (plus it looks cool)

  3. Tweet about the new podcast; just copy and paste this into your Twitter app:  I'm listening to the Emergent Leader Podcast by @mikekstpierre ...  You can too via iTunes today!

  4. Post to Facebook the link to this blog post.

That's it and it's exciting!  I hope that you enjoy the cast as much as I have in preparing it for you.  Most of all, I hope that you put it into practice so that you can expand your influence and maximize your leadership at work.