11 Signs of Unproductivity

You work with them. You live with them. You’re related to them. They are your neighbors and best friends.

They’re awesome! And, they might not be as productive as they could be.

Here are some simple signs:

  1. Clutter. Their homes and desks are filled with “stuff” (that’s a nice word for crap)
  2. Disorganization. They lose things and always seem to be looking for something that they don’t remember where they left it.
  3. Lack of margin. Running to the next meeting, event, etc. Not enough time or money to go around.
  4. Missed deadlines. Another late birthday gift. Another meeting missed.
  5. Lateness. Late to church, late to doctor’s appointments, etc.
  6. Excuses. There’s always a reason for any of the above and to an unproductive person, the reason makes perfect sense.
  7. Lack of concern when things go wrong. If you make excuses for things, they aren’t really your fault. When things go foul, an unproductive person doesn’t really mind.
  8. Lack of physical enthusiasm. Lethargy, overweight, slow moving… all of these are signs of a person who isn’t going 100%.
  9. Lack of emotional enthusiasm. They aren’t peppy or energetic.
  10. Overflowing email inbox. If your emails fill more than a screenful, you have too many.
  11. Lack of time to invest in others. If you suffer from #3, you just don’t have much time to put into relationships and friendships.

If we are honest with ourselves, each one of us has dipped our toe into the pool of at least a few of these signs. Myself included.

The key is this: when you see a sign in yourself, make a commitment to get better, to be more present to those around you and to make the next hour better than the last.