The Two Things You Must Say in Your Next Interview

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Job hunting has hit our family as The Teenager is looking for her first job.  It's an awesome process and I'm so proud of her- trying to get your first job isn't easy.

My advice to her and to anyone seeking a dream job (and even a non-dreamy job) is to stress two simple points who whomever will interview you: 

1. I will work so hard that you'll never regret hiring me. 

2. I really want to be here.  

#1 states what so many bosses want to hear, that your work ethic is exemplary.  I know for myself, I'll take a hard worker over a lazy Princeton grad any day of the week.  Grit trumps IQ in almost every situation.   

#2 may seem obvious but too many job candidates forget to reiterate the fact that they really want to work at the place where they are interviewing.  I asked someone recently why my school was the one that caught their eye.  They hadn't thought of this and totally bombed the answer.  No surprise that they were not offered the job.  

You can stress #1 and #2 in your opening statement but a better spot in the interview might be in your closing statement.  It could sound something like this:  "If you hired me, I would be here early and stay late without asking for additional compensation.  My work ethic is really strong because I love what I do.  Besides that, this company has a great reputation and I really want to be a part of the team.  I've done my homework and I'm ready to make a difference."

Now that sounds like a candidate that I want to hire.