New Podcast with Allan Wright

In this edition of Techspiration, Nancy and I talk with best-selling author Allan Wright.  Allan is the author of the following books:

  • April 2014 "Daily Companion for Young Catholics" (Catholic  Book Publishing Company)
  • March 2013 "Jesus the Evangelist: A Gospel Guide to the New Evangelization"
  • August 2010 "The Bible's Best Love Stories" (St. Anthony  Messenger Press)     
  • February 2007 "Jesus in the House; Gospel Reflections on Christ Presence in the Home" (St. Anthony Messenger Press) 
  • Nov 2001 "Silent Witnesses in the Gospels" (Servant Publications)

Allan's website is found here and you can always follow him on Twitter.  

Allan, Nancy and I talk about how technology has maximized Allan's platform as an author.  He also shares his .02 about how the Church can (and should) use technology to its advantage.

Enjoy the cast!

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