7 Benefits of a Rockstar ToDo List

The most productive people in the world use ToDo lists.  Just like the way that holy people read the Bible and great athletes spend thousands of hours in the gym, knowledge workers perfect their use of ToDo lists.  Just see how Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps prepares for each and every race.  Simply amazing and utterly routinized. 

Every day.  Habits that pay off big time.

Seriously, everyday for productive people gets filled with some version (sometimes very simple) of a ToDo list.

Whether you’re a paper lover or a gadget geek (I’m both!), your ToDo list manager probably needs a checkup as Summer approaches. The value of comprehensive ToDo list is vast. Here are 7 benefits:

  1. A ToDo list empties your head.
  2. A ToDo list lets your fill your day with important tasks.
  3. A ToDo list gives you confidence that you can get things done.
  4. A ToDo list lets you focus in short bursts of time.
  5. A ToDo list gives you permission to be fully present to those you love.
  6. A ToDo list can be short or long.
  7. A ToDo list conveys organization to those around you.

For follow up, spend some time with your ToDo list.  Get to know it once again if it's been a while  If you need to modify, change or (be honest...) find a ToDo list, that's ok.  Give yourself permission to fall in love with your ToDo list once and for all.

Rockstar status could be just around the corner...