5 Things to do When You Don't Get a Job Offer

You just interviewed for a job.  You prepared.  You studied. You looked the part.  You felt great.

And...then you didn't get an offer.

This is so typical that it's just a part of the job interviewing process.  The worst thing is when you hear nothing at all and the organization that interviewed you just "goes dark".  That's very unprofessional but sadly, very normal. 

But how about when you learned that the job went to someone else?  What should you do? 

The boys at Career Tools have an excellent podcast on the subject which everyone should listen to.   

Back to our list... here are my suggestions on how you should respond: 

1. Respond in kind. If they emailed you, email them.  If they phoned you, phone them.  If they sent a letter, you should too. 

2. Always be gracious.  There's no sense in being defensive, mean or spiteful.  You never know- you might be their #2 candidate and six months down the road, they may offer you the job after it didn't work out with their #1 candidate, etc. 

3. Do not ask for feedback.  Remember that the hiring agency is now closing the process.  They don't want to give you feedback and you shouldn't ask for it. 

4. Remember that interviewing is a process of polishing- you get "smoother" with each one.   It hurts to get rejected but it does make you a better candidate.  When the moment is right and you do land "that job", it will be all the sweeter.

5. Continue to pray.  Try to listen to God in and through the interviewing process.  Ask, "God what are you trying to tell me through this?"   

Job interviewing is hard work and can really get you down.  It takes perseverance and courage.  It's risky and makes you vulnerable.  It can also be an avenue for better self reflection and a more objective view of yourself.