Five Things You Can do When You Get Grumpy


It happens.  Grumpiness, that is.  It's that state that comes over you from time to time, seemingly without warning.  It is almost always shared with those around you (unfortunately) and spills over to those you love. 


For me, grumpiness happens about once every two weeks.  It's a real pain in the neck and I don't like being grumpy.  Still, I've learned a few tricks of what to do when you are grumpy: 

1. Acknowledge that you are grumpy.  Face the facts and call yourself out.  You may even tell those around you that you're grumpy.  It can help to name it. 

2. Ask "why"?  By identifying the root of your grumpiness, you can then focus on a solution. 

3. Ask "what can I do"?  Oftentimes, there are some simple things you can do to feel better like: 

-getting a shower

-going for a walk

-putting on cooler clothing

-getting some water to drink

-taking a break

4. Change your scenery.  It's easier to shift out of grumpiness if you are in a place you like.  By going for a drive or doing something you like, you'll take another step out of grumpiness. 

5. Write it down.  If you are a journaler, like me, this helps a lot.  If you aren't someone who writes a lot, write it down anyway on a piece of paper.  You'll be surprised how much this helps.  Writing about something helps you to process it, nail down its source and take action. 

From a faith perspective, grumpiness allows us to be honest with God and it even can be a cause for prayer.  We don't always have full control over our circumstances but we can choose how we respond, even when we are grumpy. 

How about you?  When are you most likely to be grumpy?  How does it affect your work and family life?