iPhone 6 Plus Review

About once a year I tap into my inner geek and write something exclusively about technology. This post is one of those...very nerdy stuff on the way.

Readers of my blog know that I'm attracted to gadgets of all kinds.  If it's black and shiny, I want it.  Cell phones are definitely in that category and Apple knows how to do things well.  In this post, I'm talking iPhone 6 Plus (that's the big version, 5.5").

My thoughts on the iPhone 6 Plus

  • Size is an issue but only if you're coming from a small phone.  I was coming from a 5.2" inch screen (HTC One M8) so the added real estate was no big deal.  Skinny jeans, I will confess, may become a challenge if you like to pocket your phone.  Other than that, it feels terrific in the hand.
  • It doesn't bend.  Ok so if you sat on it quickly and hit just the right spot, you might do some damage. Other than that, don't worry.  Very solid device. 
  • The camera is fantastic.  Enough said.
  • The screen is beautiful and bright.  You'll love watching YouTube videos and surfing the web.
  • It's faster than fast.  Worried about whether the phone, with so many pixels to push across that big screen, would lag.  It doesn't and screens through anything you throw at it.
  • The best feature: battery life.  It just goes and goes.  1.5 days on average for a charge.

Should You Get a Case?

A while back, I swore that I wouldn't put a case on another phone.  I've changed my thinking and gone minimal, investing in two different cases that I use depending on the day.  While MKBHD swears off casing his phones, you may want to protect your phone with one of these:

Spigen Air Cushion Case for iPhone 6 Plus: lots of protection on each corner plus the back.

Nupro Lightweight Case for iPhone 6 Plus: super thin with less protection but fits nicely in your pocket.


One Final Thought: Apps I Love

I'm loving a few new apps for iOS that I had forgotten about while spending time with an Android Phone.  If This Than That is wonderful for automating social media habits and other tasks.  Workflow is really fun for similar "scripts" that you can configure- each simplifies your life.  I set up one that texts Cary when I'm on my way home from work with my exact location and time to get home- very cool.

The bottom line: the iPhone 6 Plus is working for me.  That doesn't mean it's for you.  What I can say without reservation is that it's the finest smartphone I've every owned, hands down.

Still, you always want to make sure that your productivity tools "fit" what you want to do in life.  Are your tools matching your goals and aspirations for the future?