How to Spot an Indecisive Leader

This post is simple.  We see them all of the time.  We complain about them when they're not around.  Indecisive leaders...

  1. In meetings, they don't commit.
  2. In decisions, they second guess.
  3. In presentations, they offer many options without promoting one.
  4. In conversations, they don't support.
  5. In correspondence, they aren't direct.
  6. In policy making, they are vague.

What would you add to the list?  I suppose the better investment of time is to help those that we know who are indecisive.  Either by "managing up" or by "coaching down", we can help them achieve clarity (and thus decisiveness) by showing our support of them as people, by providing options as solutions and by appreciating the good that they do accomplish.  

And when you go back to your role, in whatever you do, choose to be decisive in your small patch of land.