Nozbe 2.6 Review: Slick and Sophisticated Productivity


It's no secret that the most productive people in the world gather and organize their thoughts into a system of some kind.

Sometimes "the system" is as simple as a lined notebook.  Others go further by using a planner of some kind.  Then there are those who recognize that their world is so complicated that they need something more, something more capable of handling all of the inputs that they receive on a daily basis.

One such system is Nozbe, my "to do app" of choice.  What follows is a brief review of the latest version (2.6) of Nozbe.  If you have more time and want to invest in a more comprehensive resource, check out Marcus Platt's "The Little Book of Nozbe".

For the rest of us who want a quick review of Nozbe, here you go:

1. New Looks.  The new Nozbe looks better than ever before.  The fonts are slim, the colors are simple and there are new icons for use throughout the app.

2. Universal Access.  Nozbe has always been great in terms of being able to use it on iOS, Android and on the web.  Very few productivity apps offer you the kind of universal access that Nozbe does and it's still as good as ever.

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3. Same Amazing Team. An under-appreciated feature of Nozbe is its tab connecting you with the Nozbe support team.  This allows you to send the support team a message and even send them a screen shot.

4. Speed and More Speed.  I love apps that sync in the background so that you don't have to think about it.  Just open Nozbe and it syncs across all of your devices and also to the web app.  Very slick.

5. Shared Templates.  Have a project that you know you will repeat over and over again?  With Nozbe 2.6 you can take a project and turn it into what Nozbe calls a "template".  It gets better- you can then share the template with the world as it generates a unique URL.  There's more because the Nozbe team figured out a way for your affiliate ID to be "tagged"to the template as long as someone uses your template and opens up a Nozbe account- very cool!  (Note: as of December 9, 2015, 2.6 has shipped to the Mac app store but not yet to iOS due to an Apple Watch issue; shared templates are only available thus far in 2.6)

As you can tell, I'm a big fan of Nozbe.  So is Jeff Sanders, Michael Hyatt and a bunch of other productivity junkies.

The five features I mention above are great but what I appreciate most about Nozbe is what it allows me to do every day- stay focused on what's really important and trust the system behind the whole process. 

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