How to Recharge Your Batteries Daily, Quarterly and Annually

The best leaders find ways to recharge.

 This CEO organizes and rests on the weekend- that's it.  Meanwhile this executive took a sabbatical in order to recharge his batteries.  The fact is that executives need to be especially mindful of their need to recharge their batteries.

If we don't recharge, the following can happen:

  • loneliness
  • depression
  • a lower quality of work
  • less attention to mission
  • less present to those we are called to serve

The leaders I know understand their need to refuel.  They know that if they don't refuel, the consequences above might overtake their otherwise successful career.

Leaders do this daily, quarterly and annually.  In this post, I'd like to explore some ideas for each:

  • Daily refueling: take breaks, find spots of sanctuary where you can be nourished and energized.  Pay attention to this if you are an introvert as you'll need more time alone than extroverts.
  • Quarterly refueling: I recommend the leaders take a day away from the office once per quarter.  Michael Hyatt does this and I do too.  Focus on strategic planning, long term goals and professional reading.  
  • Annual refueling: this can take the shape of a retreat or a professional conference.

One more thought: one of the best ways I know to refuel is through the use of a mastermind group.  Amy Porterfield has a great interview on this topic.  Mine meets twice a year and it's quite helpful.

Refueling is one of the tenets of Terry Hershey's new book, "Sanctuary: Creating a Space for Grace in Your Life".   He teaches that sanctuary, of the idea of refueling is like water to a fish.  Except for one thing: we often don't give ourselves permission to refuel.

Hershey says that "Sanctuary is where you go to cherish your life.  It's where you practice being present.  And it may not be many steps from where you are, right now."  

I know that for me, daily refueling takes the shape of a morning devotional time.  I write in my journal, I pray and I plan for the day ahead.  A break at noon gives me a chance to check personal email and some time reading at night (before bed) keeps my mind sharp.  

What can you do today to refuel and stay on the top of your game?