How to be More Gracious at Work


Have you ever been described as gracious?  We like to throw around adjectives like "productive", "ambitious", and "focused".  

But what about gracious?   

There's something to be said for a gracious person.  Gracious individuals remember their place.  You'll hear them bragging less and sharing praise more.  It's not that gracious people are trampled on; rather, they are humble enough to recognize their gifts and the One who provided them.

Here are some simple ways that you can be more gracious when you are at work: 

-Give someone a compliment

-Listen more than you speak

-Avoid curt responses in emails

-Arrive early

-Offer to help someone

-Pass on the best piece of cake when it's someone's birthday; take the mangled piece that got flipped on its top

-Give someone else the best parking space

-Be loyal to someone when they aren't around

-Don't be a jerk


How can you be more gracious at work? 

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