That One Little Thing You Can Do in the Middle of Winter


It's mid winter as I'm writing this.  The days are long, the darkness begins and ends our workdays.  People get sick and cranky.  If you live in the Northeast like I do, it's an especially "blue" time of year.  

So what can you do about it?  

Rather than think of a "whole life makeover" or something to that effect, let's aim smaller. It's not that I'm against big life stuff but most of us shut down when we are faced with an infomercial about fitness or success.  We want it, to be sure, but we aren't sure how to get there.  My own motivation in the winter goes way down and the temptation to be lazy goes way up.   

I'm haunted though by David Whyte's famous quote, "The antidote to burnout isn't more rest but wholeheartedness".  It's actually become a bit of a mantra for me for 2015. 

How does Whyte's perspective apply to me, to you, to anyone, in the heart of winter? 

First, it's a reminder that God wants our faithfulness, often to ordinary and small things.  Perfection is good (that's a bit of an oxymoron) but faithfulness may be better.  

Faithfulness shows up when you want to rest and your child needs you.  

Faithfulness shows up with you are inclined to ignore someone else and you are nudged to help them.  

Faithfulness appears when you go the extra mile when a half mile would have been sufficient. 

Whyte's quote is also about little things that just might make a difference in the heart of winter.  Here's what you can do to push back on winter's pull: do something small today that is good, renewing and life giving. Enjoy something good.  Savor something of value.  Engage in something different.  Break away from monotony and enter into something that truly matters.   

Your one little thing might be a different way to work.  Or, it might be a word of encouragement to someone in need.  Finally, it might be a long overdue nap in the middle of the day.  Find your one little thing today and I think you'll be surprised at how powerful it can be.  Often, little things teach us about faithfulness and wholeheartedness.  Save the "whole life makeover" for another time... instead go for one little thing at a time. 

What's the one little thing you can do today to push back on winter?