Less is More: Why Fewer Words are Best

In a recent newsletter (click here if you aren't yet a subscriber, just sayin'), I spoke about the value of being brief.  In emails, voicemails, even in conversations.

This was born out of several meetings last week in which everyone, and I mean everyone, felt the need to publish every idea.  The result- hours of added meeting time when we could have been with our families and friends.  

So here's the scoop- 

My conclusion: there is more noise than ever and it's made us all very, very chatty.  This of course is sucked into the vortex of "online living" and less towards those we see in person.  (Unless of course you're in one of my meetings last week!)

Speaking digitally, the data points to an emerging need to:

  • Get to the point.
  • Be brief.
  • Let folks do their work.

What can you do to use fewer words and still get your message across?

Photo courtesy of fdp