New and Improved

Everyone likes new things.  The ladies at work comment if you have a new pair of shoes.  A new supermarket opens up and you can't wait to check it out.  Your brother buys a sports car and you feel compelled to sit in it.  

New is like that.

You'll notice a few changes here at the site.  I commissioned a designer to create the new Mike St. Pierre logo and I hope that you like it.  I wanted something that would capture two things that are very dear to my heart:

  • productivity
  • lifestyle design/living on purpose

After a lot of soul searching and dialogue with a few "pros" in the blogging world, I decided to start focusing on what I'm good at and what's part of who I am.  Being productive and living "on purpose" are part of my DNA and if I can help others practice both principles, that would mean a lot.  

So here's to new and improved.  I hope you like it.

Mike StPierre