Interview with Erik Fisher, Time Management Expert

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Erik Fisher of the Beyond the To Do List.  Erik has been one of the most successful interviewers of the most productive people in the world.  When you can get David Allen to be on your show, you're sort of a big deal and Erik is definitely that.   He's also a super nice guy.

Erik is the Community Manager for Social Media Examiner and his first book, Ready, Aim, Fire!  A Practical Guide to Setting and Achieving Your Goals is ready for a sequel (hint: due on Amazon very soon!).

You can follow Erik on Twitter via @erikjfisher.

About the Cast

Interviewing Erik was more than a little bit intimidating primarily because he is actually a "professional podcaster".  Nancy and I held our own though as Erik shared his perspectives on the most productive people in the world. Finally, Erik had some terrific advice for schools as they seek to produce more productive students.  

Enjoy the cast!