The Real Reason to Take a Break from Technology

You've seen them.  You've watched them at restaurants.  These are the folks that really, really need to take a break from technology.  They just don't know it.  Nice people.

These are the ones who love their iPhones.  So much so, in fact that they can't put them down.  Ever. 

And this is why I created Speak Digital.  My goal is to help readers not have to be slaves to their technology.  Sure, we love our gadgets but that doesn't mean that we have to take our phones to the bathroom.  (note: not a good idea)

Freedom- that's why we ought to take an occasional break from technology.  Breaks are good during the workday and help us to return with more bounce in our step.  Vacations are good for the same reason.  

Like an elastic band, we often need both push and pull.  I know that I do.  Thankfully I also am fortunate to work with folks who have the green light to tell me when I need to step away and take a break.

Life is so rich- full of relationships, experiences and fun.  The technology is just one part of it. Let's keep our eye on the goal- an exciting life that is intentional and freely chosen.

To assist in your freedom journey, here are some excellent resources worth your time:

*photo courtesy of fdp