Get Rid of Digital Clutter Once and for All (new eBook)

"I wasn't sure who that text message was from..." said my friend Jeanne.  It turns out that I had messaged her about a social engagement only to find that she didn't know who it was from.  As a result, the message was ignored.

Because my iMessage settings were cued up to send messages via an old email address that I never use, she was confused.  Our "conversation" via iMessage broke down as a result.  My bad.

Such is the case when you have too much digital clutter on your computer and in your head.  Digital clutter is much more common than we realize.  By "clutter", we mean any of the following:

  • Too many email addresses (or emails for that matter... can you relate?)
  • More apps that you can possibly use for your smartphone
  • A laptop or desktop computer that's slowing down because there isn't enough memory left 

And so it goes.  I'm not passing judgment on my friend Jeanne or anyone else wrestling with digital clutter.  Heck, I struggle with it daily.  Actually, that's why I'm sharing something special with you today.

If you watched my YouTube video on six tips for simplifying your digital life, you got a sense of six practical ways that you can streamline and clean out the clutter of everyday life.

So here it is, free for you for a limited time.  "6 Tips for a Simpler, Smarter Digital Life" is roughly 10 pages long and elaborates on my six points from the video.  You can download it here.

In "6 Tips", I share both personal experiences and also research pertinent to the following:

  1. How impactful digital clutter can be to your everyday life.
  2. What you can do about it TODAY.

"6 Tips" isn't gospel.  If you have six tips of your own, I'd love to hear them. My tips are simply that- my experiences that have made a huge difference in how I live and work.  People have told me that they make a difference in their life too so that's why I felt compelled to compile them in an eBook. 

If you like the book, let me know via email: or via Twitter.  

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