Why Personal Notes are a Great Leadership Investment

When was the last time that you received a personal note in the mail?  

I got one about four weeks ago from a colleague who had been on a Middle States evaluation team with me.  While I couldn't read her handwriting (and I'm not one to talk!), the thought was enough to impress me. 

She didn't have to write a note.  I'm sure she had plenty of other things to do.  But... she did.

Smart leaders do this just about every day.  They send emails for sure.  They craft brilliant memos.  They prepare reports for their board. But personal notes... that's where the magic happens.

Personal notes tell people that you are a follow-up kind of guy.  They tell people that you took about five minutes of your day to think of them.  They communicate a personal relationship that you are invested in.  

In short, personal notes are part of the leader's toolbox.

So here's my question- who are you going to delight tomorrow with a personal note?