Top Blog Posts from 2014

2014 was a great year on the blog!  This was for three reasons:

  • The blog provided my public speaking with a number of ways to "link" workshops with bonus material on the site.
  • My mailing list grew week over week (always a good thing!)
  • My message became more clear than ever before (i.e. purpose and productivity)

To celebrate the year gone by, I've compiled my top posts.  As always, feel free to share these with someone that you feel could benefit from them.  Or, just scan a post or two that you didn't have a chance to read in the past year.  Thank you to everyone who made 2014 truly memorable!

  1. The App Every School Leader Needs for Making Better Decisions
  2. How to Avoid Miscommunication in Email
  3. My Interview for Productive Magazine
  4. How to Work with Purpose and Productivity 
  5. Imagine a Different Kind of December
  6. Podcast with Greg Dhuyvetter
  7. A Simple Technique for Gift Giving and Receiving
  8. How to be Wholehearted
  9. The 7 Signs of a Productive Person
  10. What I Learned from Catalyst Conference 2014

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