Why Everyone Needs a Second Job


There is a new neighbor down the street.  His name is Dave and he is apparently a wiz when it comes to motorcycles.  I know this because I see him every night working on one in his garage.   

I'm pretty jealous, as you can imagine.   

After all, I don't repair motorcycles, ceiling fans or cars.  I did paint a bedroom this past week which was pretty awesome. But motors... that's a different story.   I call in the experts when wires, oil or engines are involved.

Back to Dave. 

Besides his obvious skills in the garage, what's more amazing is that he has a day job.  Bikes are just a hobby but he treats them with the same energy as if it were a second job.   

His "second job" keeps him energized so that he can excel in whatever he does during the day. 

I started my second job last week as I began a new doctoral program.  For the next three years, I will treat this incredible task as if it were a second place of employment.  I'll have a second office.  A second set of notebooks.  A second set of responsibilities.

My wife, Cary often says that moms need a second job.  Their first and primary, that of being a mom, can benefit from another area of interest.  This looks differently for each mom.  Some get jazzed up by working out.  Others sell stuff online.   

The magic: it almost doesn't matter.   

The key is to be a growing person.  In my experience, a "second job" has the following benefits:

  • It ensures that you have an area of interest outside of your "day job"
  • It keeps you growing as an individual
  • It ensures that your social life is bigger than just your 9-5
  • It just might be an area of life where God meets you and teaches you something  

Dave has his second job.  I've got mine.  

The big question is, what's yours? 

*photo by fdp